Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why Having A Mobile App Is Way Better Than Responsive Mobile Website

Numbers and statistics collected through in depth market research never lies. It proposes latest existing trends and a perfect picture of future reality. Based on this analysis, businesses can compose a viable strategy for successful coups to convert more customers. While it is true that mobile can be a great resource for online merchants to make gigantic profit, the ecommerce market is still full of those who still fail to trust the power of mobile app.

So this article is the confident answers to overly vigilant entrepreneurs not wanting to build a mobile app for increasing their sales revenue. Read on to understand the subtle world of mobile commerce growing remarkably inside the mainstream of ecommerce.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Apple Pay: All You Need To Know About This Trendsetting Digital Wallet

Why use old when you have a new way of shopping? Do you know Apple Pay has redefined the unique way of online transactions? Apple has used the approach of digital wallet in its 2014 launch of Apple Pay majorly aimed at enhancing apple users’ shopping experience. As a new mobile payment and much improved digital wallet service, it allows users to make payments through mobile devices (mobile handsets and wearable watches and iPads). The most incredible part of this kind of Apple Pay digital payment service is that you can make the whole process without involving any physical payments, which means pleasant liberation from scratch of credits cards and financial data security.

Ever since its launch, Apple Pay services have been a much mulled over, sought after and talked about word of mouth globally. Now that it has completed more than one year, we have decided to analyze how Apple Pay works and pros and cons associated with it.

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