Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Five Productive Low Code Tools for Faster Mobile App Development

Developers always try to make their development process fasters as there are project that are extended for many reasons. But that is how development happens. But with technology innovations, even technology platforms for development are not left behind. Now, tools to develop business app are available online at highly affordable rates where you can easily create mobile app with them.

This is where Low Code Tools come into picture. There are so many things that make a difference in the development process, what makes the biggest difference is the coding process which takes the most of a developer’s time. But if you wish to develop your own app, it is possible to create an app with basic functionality to get started. Development could be for HTML5 or CSS3 or for hybrid mobile apps or native apps, we all can agree to one thought that each set of tools and development approach remains the same making development for mobile apps a thing for the PRO’s!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Vmware Airwatch 8.3 Is A Quintessential Enterprise Mobility Security Solution

A few days back, we saw a new enterprise security solution approaching digital solutions market. VMWare AirWatch 8.3 is the new name of data security for sophisticated security standards of sound enterprises and vigilant industrial organizations. For those who are still unaware of Airwatch technology, it is a security solution best tailored to fit the BYOD needs of mobilized business operations and industry-specific processes happening at an enterprise level.

Considered to be a new avatar in the arena of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) stage, AirWatch 8.3, has been discharged now giving backing to the VMwareWorkspace ONE application to eliminate the requirement for passwords. It additionally extends the AirWatch Privacy First program with a client confronting site and visual protection notification to moderate worries through straightforward security instruction and presents an updated VMware AirWatch Content Locker.

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