Monday, 2 May 2016

How Can You Make Users Addicted To Your Mobile App?

When you publish an app in an app store or make it available on a dedicated website, what is your ultimate goal? Number of downloads or long term usability? You would say both. Of course, who doesn’t want to get their app to be famous among people for a long time? It is any app developer’s dream to have their app used like a habit every day. If your app fanatics get glued to your app, it is the real success.

So how would you succeed in this? How would you possibly create frenzy in the app users market? Here are a few tips to make an app an unlivable addiction for your users. 


Inculcate Your App Into Your Users Daily Routine

If users are ready to be surprised with pleasant push notifications, you got the deal for sure. You can give them control over how and when you can send those messages to them. Asking for push notification automation alerts means you are allowing them to choose the time they want to opt for notifications. It would be rewarding to them instead of annoying their spirit of using the app.

Thinking of their concerns and convenience, you are trying to entrench a sense of trust, faith and loyalty in your mobile app. This way your app is likely to be popular through word of mouth publicity.

Avoid Torturing Users With Irrelevant Messages

If you are into travelling industry, the most appropriate message you can send to your customers is delay or cancellation of flights or trains. If it is fashion you are into, it could be suggestion of perfect looking size and color of merchandise. These don’t just take the credit of being relevant messages, but they also stimulate the interest in users converting them into customers eventually. It can also diminish their fretfulness or comfort them at the time of agony.

You can prepare a set of questions regarding the factors that can attach them to your mobile app. don’t throw a greedy sales pitch to them; it is the last thing on their mind when they receive your message. Serve them with precise messages that can help them understand the best essence of your app.

Personalize Your App Information

Give your customers power to know what your app is all about. It is necessary to derive the information about amount of information they want and the when they like to receive it. For example sports app can be touched with personalize texts about scores and bulletin feeds about users’ favorite sports.

People like to get the specific information right on their mobile without beating about the bush. This kind of approach will encourage one on one interaction, increasing the engagement level as well.

Serve Your Users With Entertainment And Gamification

It has been a while since the trend of entertaining users on their journey through your app has become the new streak of mobile app in the mobile app market. The act of amusing customers as they take a ride inside the app is called gamification. When you give your audience a reason to look forward to using your app, they won’t be feeling annoyed or discouraged to use your app. Think of pleasing them with some on demand video or a fun online survey that can grab their attention.

You can also add some informative content of a special event happening in their locality with some free coupons and a form to sign up. These kind of delightful chunks play a huge role in engaging customers as everybody likes to be rewarded in return for using a service.

Integrate The Whereabouts Of Users
Location-specific approach is something thousands of online retailers and app masters are considering in order to reach the maximum users. Assume that your user is sitting in a premise or home, but you still would like to pass on an important message that might necessarily appeal to their interest.

Make sure the message you transmit to the screen of your users makes sense in any respect of time and place and is comprehensive in all its context. Even if it is food services, your mobile app must be able to put the message across about food habits, latest happening places for foodies, fancy food events, etc. Let your message flow smoothly to your users’ place with real time updates that stay true in any condition.

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