Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Learn Mobile Development Trends that are HERE to STAY!

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There is cutting edge competition today among web development experts. So a developer has to be extra-ordinary to stand out in the competition. In order to create unique and robust solutions, it is important that you keep up with the latest trends.

 Learn Mobile Development Trends that are HERE to STAY!
Moreover, while you create such uniqueness for your web solutions, it is important to keep the client requirements in mind. Anyway getting to the point, here are a few trends that are here to stay and you must make sure that you have included them in your web development strategy.

Don’t Use Flash

Here, I mean for anything! It is outdated. This is not really a trend but a head up for those who are still using flash to create web experiences. It will not make sense because according to the new Google standards, they have eradicated the flash plugin and it no longer works for the most used browsers. Also, Mozilla has scratched the flash plugin, so let us just get over it.

Flat Web Design

Since the web designs have come down to creating very simple and minimal elements, flat designs have gained a lot of popularity. Flat designs are in and are here to stay as it will help in creating very impressive web experiences. These designs have picked up because it avails much clarity and it is easier to construct a hierarchy with these tips.

Mobile Friendly Web Solutions

It is important that we consider mobile experiences in these times of mobile devices and innovations. As the technology prediction says mobile friendly applications will become necessary for innovations like IoT and technology. It is important that web development is responsive as more users are now using mobile phones to browse the Internet.


So many hacks in the recent times signal at only one thing and that is that we need tighter security for our web solutions. Security has become a prime factor for web development as Internet is becoming more vulnerable. More people are shopping online and thus sharing their banking details online, which makes hacking a more preferred profession. I am just highlighting on how the psychology works and how we need to be more prepared with it.

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