Tuesday, 13 December 2016

7 Basic App Store Guidelines to Boost App Downloads

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Congratulations!! You have successfully pursued your dream by giving wings to your idea and building your own app. Now the next significant step is to submitting your app to the app store and for that you need to be careful lest your app gets rejected. Here are some basic guidelines that you need to keep in mind to complete that part also without any hassle:

Check Your App For Broken Links

Make sure there aren’t any broken links within your app; otherwise it would definitely get rejected. So, check properly before you submit it to the app store.

Do Not Submit Duplicate Apps

In case, your app has been rejected earlier then it is not sensible to submit it again under different name, design or theme without including any new feature to make it different from the previous one. Try enhancing the user experience and making it useful so that your target niche finds it useful.

Consider App Store Optimization

Invest time and resources to increase the visibility of your app especially in the initial phase when it is yet to get attention from your target audience. Create some hype via social media channels and promote it with well-planned strategies.

Keep low memory footprint

Users know that installing too many apps can slow down their device, hence work towards keeping your app size smaller so that it occupies less memory space.

Make your app unique and useful

Take out time and do some research about other apps already submitted under the category that you will submit to; knowing their features would help you to differentiate yours and enable you to offer unique value to your app users.

Streamline registration process

Try to make the registration or user signup process seamless by implementing social media integration. If you don’t want to include sign up through Facebook or LinkedIn option then ensure that the process is hassle-free and easily understandable by users.

Respond to user reviews

This one is the most important of all the app store guidelines. Nothing is more detrimental for your app than negative reviews. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to address the issues mentioned in reviews and ratings even if it consumes time.

Now that you know the guidelines you can avoid committing the mistakes that could lead to app rejection. You can also consult your mobile app development experts and take their professional guidance.

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