Monday, 17 April 2017

How AR is Revolutionizing Mobile App Development?

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Augmented reality (AR) is transforming the mobile application development space and businesses are leveraging this technology to stay ahead of competition in their respective industries. Retail, tourism, gaming and entertainment are the top industries which are already benefiting from this technology. So, if you do not remain innovative and embrace this trending technology today then you will be outperformed by your competitors’ tomorrow. So, get in touch with an outsourcing mobile application development agency today with app ideas for your business and get an estimate and check its feasibility.

Industry experts predict that AR is the future of mobile technology; moreover, it has no entry barrier unlike VR which needs dedicated headsets. Let us see how businesses across a diverse range of industry verticals are gaining competitive advantage by using mobile apps with AR feature:

Retail industry

IKEA, the leading furniture giant, launched a mobile app that employed AR, years before Niantic’s viral game Pokemon Go. It allowed users to virtually furnish their apartment with 3D furniture available in the company’s catalogue. If you have an online business then investment in a mobile app with AR feature can be a game changer for your business as it can reduce return rate of products. This is because customers can have a product trial with virtual 3D images of the product prior to purchasing.

Gaming industry

Niantic Inc. released Pokemon Go on July 6, 2016 and the rest is history! It became the most played game in the US history with more than 20 million daily users and generated more than 900 million dollars. You too can come up with your own game ideas and collaborate with a mobile application specialist conversant with AR technology. You never know, you may also create history!

Tourism industry

Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium increased attendance by 152 percent via an AR application called Penguin Navi that uses GPS data to place cute penguins on top of a camera feed and the penguins lead people to the facility. In early 2010, the facility had witnessed significant drop in the number of visitors and the facility’s board figured out that potential visitors got distracted by bars, cinemas and shopping malls on their way to the aquarium. Hence, they launched this AR app to reignite public interest and successfully improved customer engagement.


The AR is also making it big in other industries including entertainment, healthcare and automotive. We think that AR is here to stay for long and transform the mobile game. What is your say on it? Please let me know by leaving your comment below.


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